Whilst we’re still in the planning stage, it’s time to let you in on a little secret… Loop Foundry is looking to expand nationally in the coming few months!

There’s a lot to do, and one of the key features of having a presence in a city is having an office. We’re a big fan of serviced offices (where things like furniture, Internet access, staffing reception, and cleaning are all taken care of) as this allows us to concentrate and focus all of our efforts on meeting clients and taking care of their information system needs.

To this end, we’ve put together a custom Google Map listing all of the serviced offices in Australia that are managed by a national company (that is, they have serviced offices in more than one location). We’re sharing it in the hope that it’s useful to others, and they don’t have to generate the list themselves.

There’s quite a few of them. Here’s a map just of five providers with offices in Melbourne:

A map of serviced office locations in Melbourne.

Whilst we might not have an office sorted out yet, don’t let that stop you! If your business processes are slowing you down and preventing your business from expanding or even just running more smoothly, get in touch.

We’re happy to meet with clients from any corner of the nation, even if we don’t yet have an office in your backyard.

Finally, if you have any corrections or want to add something to the list, send them through!


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