About Us

Mission Statement

Our goal is make our client’s businesses better by providing no-nonsense business software products, services and consulting, whilst minimising environmental impact and maximising social good.

What We Can Do For You

We love computers. They can do some pretty cool things. We want to make them do awesome things. To make our lives easier. Because that’s what they’re for. That’s what we’re passionate about.

Loop Foundry is a software development agency based in Hobart, Australia. We develop custom application software, off-the-shelf amazement, and open-source software with an emphasis on GIS and networking.

Our History

July 2012
The Foo Project Pty. Ltd. was incorporated on July 1st, and we’ve been working up fabulous software ever since then.
November 2013
We began consulting for clients full-time, building on the expertise gained through our collective decades of real-world experience in the IT industry.
June 2017
We rebranded as Loop Foundry, to better represent our goal of custom-developed software.