We are information systems experts who help owners of medium-sized businesses scale their back-end business processes. Unlike our competitors, we are always 100% honest.

If you’re the owner of a business, you’ll know about a few of the challenges that crop up once you start growing:

  • Little but important things get forgotten – a line item gets left off an invoice, a file gets lost, time isn’t tracked for the last job of the day. They’re small individually, but the compound effect is huge.
  • Getting staff to perform a task just as you would have done it is next to impossible. Maybe they do it better, maybe they do it worse, but just like you wanted? Nope.
  • Where you used to do work for 5 clients yourself, now with 10 staff you’re struggling to service 40 clients. You thought there were economies of scale, not punishments for it.

Loop Foundry is a team of experts who help business owners like you solve these problems (and others) by helping you discover, build, maintain and automate systems in your business.

What We Can Do For You

  • Custom Software Development
    • Business Process Automation
    • Financial software solutions, including integrations with Xero, MYOB and any other existing software you may have
    • Customer Relationship Management System (CRM) or Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  • Web Development and Design
    • eCommerce shop fronts
    • Log-ins/client portals
    • Booking and contact forms
    • Content writing by our experienced copywriter
    • Tailored user centred approach to design and development
    • Content Management Systems (CMS)
  • Hosting
    • Website and email hosting
    • Office 365

Our History

July 2012
The Foo Project Pty. Ltd. was incorporated on July 1st, and we’ve been working up fabulous software ever since then.
November 2013
We began consulting for clients full-time, building on the expertise gained through our collective decades of real-world experience in the IT industry.
June 2017
We rebranded as Loop Foundry, to better represent our goal of custom-developed software.

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