In light of the recent events relating to the outbreak of COVID-19, Loop Foundry will be making changes to the way we operate in line with government recommendations. We don’t make these changes lightly, but do them in order to keep our employees and our clients safe and healthy.

Remote Working, COVID-19 Style

All of our staff are now set up to work remotely from home, rather than spend any time in our offices or on public transport. We are doing this to encourage social distancing, prevent infection and help flatten the curve.

This shouldn’t result in any significant changes to the work we do for our clients, as most of our work is done via computer anyway. All of our pets will be happier, too.

One of our ‘branch’ managers, Toby, having a well-earned break.

Remotely-Conducted Meetings

Starting from Monday 23rd March, we will be conducting all meetings both internally and with clients remotely either via phone or video call until at least 30th June 2020 (with extensions until later in the year probable).

Whilst we understand that in-person contact is almost always preferable in terms of efficient communication, this is one of these times where the “almost” comes into play. We will be utilising the best communication methods we can in order to keep communication efficient and effective.

Payment Terms

We will be working individually with our clients to modify payment terms as necessary in order to keep the economy functioning and small businesses afloat. Please get in touch at if this is something you would like to discuss with us.

We hope these three changes will have a large impact on the health of our clients and employees for what is really a small and hopefully temporary impact on the way we do business due to COVID-19.

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