Remote Working

Is Working Remotely Right For You?

Another, perhaps better, way to state this question might be ‘should we go back to the office?’ given that most professional and service-based businesses have spent large parts of 2020 and 2021 working from home and other forms of working remotely. It’s a tricky question and one that can only be made with full knowledge […]

Workplace Flexibility in Your Business

What is workplace flexibility? Workplace flexibility lets employers and employees adapt their working conditions to their needs, creating a healthier work-life balance. This is also commonly referred to as a flexible workplace or flexible work arrangements. What are the benefits of workplace flexibility? For you and your employees A healthy work-life balance benefits everyone. It […]

Our Remote Work-From-Home Hints and Tips

More than a year into the COVID-19 pandemic, and with more than half the Australian population still under strict lockdowns, it’s hard to believe there are still pundits out there loudly trumpeting the return to the office. We are not those people. We think remote working will be here to stay forever in a lot […]

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