If you have an existing application or codebase and nobody to look after it, we can help. We can fix bugs or add new features to your existing codebase, or slowly migrate it to a brand new application. Whilst we can work with most languages and frameworks, we have a few specialities:

Classic ASP

We’ve done extensive work with the original implementation of Microsoft’s Active Server Pages (Classic ASP), including both the visual redesign of a rental vehicle booking form, and fixing bugs and writing new features for this site. We are now involved in a rewrite of a Classic ASP-based web application to a JavaScript-based single page application.

Access and Excel

We have built many Access databases from scratch, and are involved with the long-term maintenance of several Access-based business applications. We also have experience migrating Access databases to SQL Server.

We are also very competent Visual Basic for Applications developers, and have experience writing and maintaining plugins and macros for all Microsoft Office applications.


We have over 15 years of experience with websites and applications written in PHP, both hand-written and using content management systems such as WordPress and Drupal.