Do you know somebody whose business could benefit from being a bit more… organised? Does it struggle with keeping track of which bit of work goes where? Do they seem to spend endless time on things that should have been automated decades ago?

At Loop Foundry, we’re passionate about making organisations run as effectively as they can to achieve their mission. We do this by providing the tools and information they need to reap the full benefits of being systemised, including:

  • scaling their business;
  • making their organisation more efficient;
  • making their product and their business more consistent;
  • and empowering their employees.

Our business analysts, software engineers and information systems experts will deliver solutions that drive that business forward.

In fact, we’re so passionate about helping every business succeed, that as a thank you for your help in tracking down businesses that could use our services, we’ll give you a percentage of the revenue generated from your recommendation in the first year.

The Deal

  1. Introduce the owner or senior manager of a medium-sized (10 to 200 employees) business or non-profit organisation to us in-person or via email (we can provide sample email templates).
  2. We’ll arrange to meet with that person and see what we can do to help their organisation succeed.
  3. If they come on board as a client, you’ll receive 5% of all revenue received by us from that client or client’s business for the first twelve months after you make the introduction.

Get in touch for more details!