We were contracted to WorkZerk for twelve months to help them build an employee-scheduling system, designed to be used by small retail and hospitality businesses to help them manage their casual staff schedules. We built the majority of the first production version before handing the project over to the other members of their team.

The application was built in three parts. The database was built in MS-SQL and hosted in Microsoft Azure’s public cloud. The web application backend was built in ASP.NET (C#) using Entity Framework to access the database. ASP.NET MVC was used to present HTML views to the user, and ASP.NET Web API was used by the front-end to add additional functionality via AJAX calls. The front-end was built as an HTML5 application using SCSS and TypeScript (using frameworks such as Knockout.JS, jQuery and FullCalendar), with empty views provided by the back-end and then those views filled via data from AJAX calls. We also wrote and maintained a full suite of unit and integration tests.

From our client:

Not only would I hire Jack in a heartbeat in the future but I would thoroughly recommend him as a professional and competent programmer with very up to date programming skills.

Jack proved to be the most reliable, professional and effective programmer I have ever had the pleasure to work with.

Chris Jack (Director, WorkZerk)

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