Our Clients

Here are a selection of our clients and details of some of the work we have done for them.


Climb and Guide Tasmania needed a basic website to advertise their services and provide information to prospective clients. We built a website, then the client wrote their own advertising copy. We have since provided some basic search engine optimisation services.


Employees of Loop Foundry have contributed significant portions of code to the StackPtr open-source social GPS tracking website. The project aims to recreate the functionality of Google Latitude using open-source technologies and with user security as a first priority. Development was primarily done in Python, with some elements in JavaScript, Java, and Objective C.

Cruisin’ Motorhomes

We have completed work for Cruisin’ Motorhomes over various periods in the last five years, working primarily on their online booking form (used by customers to get quotes for, and do bookings of, rental motorhomes). We have also performed the rebuild of their primary marketing site from Adobe Business Catalyst to WordPress (this was a …


We were contracted to WorkZerk for twelve months to help them build an employee-scheduling system, designed to be used by small retail and hospitality businesses to help them manage their casual staff schedules. We built the majority of the first production version before handing the project over to the other members of their team. The …

VAS Reading Echo

Since mid-2016, Jack Scott, Managing Director, has been contracted as the lead developer on the VAS Reading Echo SaaS web application. This application is designed to test the English reading skills of school students and offer advice to help them overcome any learning difficulties. Jack inherited this system from another developer who abandoned the client …