Hints and Tips

Where Does Excel Excel?

Microsoft Excel (and its clones like Google Sheets) is both one of the greatest pieces of software ever created, and one of the most dangerous. There are a huge number of use cases for spreadsheeting software, but not all of them are a good idea. I’d like to go over some of the most common […]

Our Remote Work-From-Home Hints and Tips

More than a year into the COVID-19 pandemic, and with more than half the Australian population still under strict lockdowns, it’s hard to believe there are still pundits out there loudly trumpeting the return to the office. We are not those people. We think remote working will be here to stay forever in a lot […]

Free Internet Marketing Training from Google

Ever feel like you want to get started bringing your business into the 21st century, but aren’t sure how you should go about it? Google are now offering a free course introducing the basics of search engine optimisation, search engine marketing, web analytics, eCommerce, and social media. They want to help business owners learn what […]

Lessons Learned: Migrating Access to SQL Server

Recently we’ve been involved with transitioning an internal business database from a split Access database (one Access file holding the UI, another Access file holding the data tables) to a Access front-end with an SQL Server back-end. The purpose of this is to eventually migrate away from Access to an ASP.NET web application, but still […]

10 Things To Look For In A Software Development Consultancy

1. Technical Ability First of all, figure out to the best of your ability whether the firm can actually do the work. This is by far the hardest aspect to judge – most software developers don’t even know themselves whether they can do something (or indeed whether it can be done at all!) until after […]

The Basics of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

A lot of people consider search engine optimisation a black art, something completely unintelligible to us mere mortals. That’s not true. Whilst some of the more advanced techniques really are magic, 90% of SEO boils down into one simple statement: If you make your website better for a human reader, then it will be better […]

Integrating IIS with JIRA or Confluence Results in HTTP 500 Error

While I was setting up our internal JIRA and Confluence instances, I wanted to give them “proper” URLs, such as jira.fooproject.com and confluence.fooproject.com. We use Microsoft’s IIS web server for all of our other websites, so we wanted to use this as a reverse proxy. Atlassian has instructions for doing this, which I dutifully followed. […]

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