Author: Jacquie Liversidge

Automating summer staff gaps: Business Process Improvement Cycle

Well, it’s that time of year. January brings good weather, new business opportunities and… staff leave. Teetering the fine line between being an excellent, accommodating employer who approves a summer vacation for all three full-time staff members at once means that—yay!—you’re going to heaven, but all of those goals you wanted to meet at the […]

Adapting to automation in your industry

In the Industrial Revolution people foresaw doom and gloom for employment as it was. Machines were going to take over their manual labouring positions and replace their livelihoods with destitution and unemployment. And to a large degree the industrial revolution had a negative impact initially on the lives of workers, as factory cities became crowded, […]

Custom Software Development- Not so scary

Every business owner does it at least once. You purchase software for your business that seems reasonably relevant, is kind-of cheap, it integrates with your existing software (sort of) but over time you wish that it had particular features; ultimately the software makes you yearn for the days before you never used it. Custom software […]

Starting a business? Get it online with these steps

So, you’re starting a business. The initial steps you need to take can often feel like a chicken-before-the-egg scenario. What comes first? Where do you start? Setting up your online infrastructure well before you need it will save you time and money down the track. And though it may not appear to be the best […]

Our predictions for business in Tasmania

With new STEM infrastructure bubbling in Hobart, the future for Australia’s most southern state looks promising. The University of Tasmania’s $400-million science and technology precinct which would be home to 3000 students and 700 staff will no doubt attract some big names, big tenders and new influx of work for local businesses. Add to the mix […]

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