Corporate Policies

Our corporate policies are built around the International Integrated Reporting Framework and the concept of ‘six capitals’, each of which must be considered if an organisation is to be sustainable in the long term. These capitals are:

  1. Natural Capital
  2. Human Capital
  3. Social and Relationship Capital
  4. Intellectual Capital
  5. Manufacturing Capital
  6. Financial Capital

The six capitals are described more deeply in the <IR> Framework (section 2.15).

Guiding Principles

  • Minimisation of environmental and social harm is not sufficient for an organisation to consider itself sustainable in the 21st century. Instead, an organisation must actively work towards improving the natural, human and social capitals.
  • The open-source movement has made an important contribution to the information technology industry, and the sharing of intellectual capital improves lives for all.
  • Climate change is real, is caused primarily by human activity, and must be stopped.


  • We provide a 10% discount to all registered not-for-profit organisations. This discount applies across all our products and services. We believe this will help not-for-profit organisations to deliver better services to those in need.
  • We refuse to sell products that our customers don’t need. If you don’t need it, we won’t recommend it.
  • We sponsor open-source infrastructure such as QuokForge and provide upstream patches to open-source software where applicable.
  • We release as many of our internal tools under open-source licenses as we can.
  • We are aiming towards becoming a certified B Corporation.
  • We minimise travel.

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